ONEsolution™ is a unique, full-service delivery method to transform a client’s business challenge to a working solution in the best way possible.

    ONEsolution creates value for both our clients and CRB through our proprietary Integrated Delivery Methodology, our Process First Approach and the Collaborative Project Chartering practice.

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    Collaborative Project Chartering

    Creates an environment of trust, collaboration and shared incentives and distributes leadership of the integrated project team where everyone has ownership of scope, cost and schedule.

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    Process First Approach

    Building on a thorough understanding of the client’s processes and business challenges, a process-first approach is applied to design and build a facility that is optimized for its intended use throughout its life span.

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    Integrated Delivery Methodology

    Brings together people, processes, systems and tools into an integrated project organization that benefits from the collective experience, knowledge and insights of the entire team.

    Delivering Results

    ONEsolution results in a finished project with an accelerated timeline and with additional value delivered through collaboration, joint innovation and empowerment of project staff.

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    Bakery doubled production capacity while maintaining existing operations

    CRB managed every aspect of this ONEsolution project from planning to completion. The goal was to double production capacity while ensuring the highest level of food safety and regulatory compliance. Learn how we tackled a challenging schedule with innovative ideas!

    Baked Goods Facility Production Increase

    Food manufacturing equipment

    Award-winning ONEsolution approach to renovate manufacturing facility

    CRB used a ONEsolution approach for the complete renovation of an existing 792,000-square-foot facility. From raw materials to finished goods, the process and the facility were designed to maximize efficiency while allowing for future expansion. Learn more about this award-winning project!

    Manufacturing and Innovation Facility Renovation

    Customized Solutions

    ONEsolution can include consulting, design, engineering, construction, turn-over and on-going optimization services and is customized to the individual project.

    Industry Insights


    Clean design for food facilities

    Crucial elements of clean design translate across all regulated industries

    Clean Design for Food and Beverage Facilities

    Regulated industries like food and beverage are under increased scrutiny when it comes to clean and sanitary design of buildings and processes. CRB understands the need for lean operations, quick turnaround and clean environments whereby biological burden, infestation and foreign contaminates are eliminated. Project manager Jeff Matis discusses how clean design translates across all regulated industries.


    Common inefficiencies in food facilities

    Uncover 3 common inefficiencies in food facilities

    Common Inefficiencies in Food and Beverage Facilities

    Inefficiencies in the food industry are driven by your number of stock keeping units because they dictate the changeover requirements. Director of operations improvement, Niranjan Kulkarni, Ph.D., discusses the importance of minimizing the frequency of changeovers and the three common inefficiencies seen in food and beverage facilities.

    Photo of an organized warehouse

    Effective and efficient waste-stream management

    6 critical considerations for a preventative approach to limit waste

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