CRB Safety Policy

CRB Safety Policy

OUR SAFETY POLICY:Safety is not just a goal, it is a requirement.Employee safety is more important than profit, quality, schedule, or customer satisfaction. If we can’t perform work in accordance with our EHS procedures and OSHA standards, we will not do it.


  1. Nothing we do is worth anyone getting hurt.
  2. Safety can be managed.
  3. Workplace injuries can be prevented.
  4. Safety and health are everyone’s responsibility.

CRB has adopted a “zero injuries” policy toward safety management. This means that there must be a strong commitment by all management to the concept that zero injuries are the only acceptable outcome. To achieve this outcome, CRB Management has established the following Safety Objectives.


  1. Provide all employees and subcontractors with a work environment free from recognized hazards.
  2. Implement a safety and health system at each office and on each project.
  3. Establish management accountability for the safety and health of all employees.
  4. Provide employees with an appropriate level of training and equipment to perform their required tasks safely.
  5. Require all employees to follow safety policies and work practices.