Safety & Quality

At CRB, we believe that Safety and Quality are key requirements for the success of every project. Nowhere is our dedication to zero INJURIES more evident than in our Safety and Quality Programs.

The continual development of project health and safety goals allows us to align ourselves, our clients, subcontractors and vendors in the pursuit of safety and quality excellence.
SafetyCRB maintains an aggressive Safety Program and has an “excellent safety record” with an EMR well below industry average. We support and implement zero tolerance for unsafe practices and a zero accident and injury goal on all projects.

Early in the design, our Project Manager will develop safety guidelines to fit the specific characteristics of the project and integrate our Client’s safety policies into our plan. This Project Safety Plan is implemented and enforced by the Project Manager and the entire Field Team.

The job site is regularly inspected by our Corporate Safety Officer and continuously monitored by our on-site Project Team. The plan also accounts for all safety forms and documentation requirements, hazardous material procedures and OSHA reporting.

The results speak for themselves, CRB managed contractors consistently produce superior results when compared to their peer group.
QualityThe foundation of CRB’s Field Quality Program places additional attention on the installation process in order to meet or improve upon the specified level of quality. We incorporate all quality-related requirements from the drawings and specifications, along with any additional Owner’s requirements, into a comprehensive plan. When we finish a project, we leave behind a quality installation that fulfills or exceeds the Owner’s expectations.