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Today's academic and institutional research environments are a convergence of social and intellectual experimentation. Where dynamic, fluid and ever-changing spaces enable learning, collaboration and discovery. New academic and institutional science facilities must simultaneously engage, astonish and attract.

Academic FlipbookClick here to read more about our S+T Academic experience CRB's S+T team understands our clients' challenges for transitioning to new ways of conducting and teaching research. On each project, we start with a thorough review of the scientific research to be performed before drawing even a preliminary layout. Such an approach helps deliver facility designs that address specific client needs, promote knowledge transfer, and attract top-tier researchers, students and staff, while providing flexibility and adaptability for inevitable future changes.

ArchitectureThe academic sciences are changing to support how people are inspired in today's world. CRB continues to be at the vanguard of addressing how former academic silos are merging, new fields of learning are being created, and boundaries are dissolving. Our S+T practice creates new connections – where windows replace walls to provide open, visually remarkable spaces, and where cohesive, safe and sustainable designs can accommodate the growing diverse and collaborative needs of the modern research environment.
EngineeringDesigning systems for research and laboratory facilities requires an approach that goes beyond the essentials. With unparalleled global experience in the design and coordination of mechanical, electrical systems and plumbing systems, CRB can design innovative, safe and sustainable solutions to meet both the current and future needs of your research facility.
ConstructionOn today's academic and institutional campuses, more advanced, state-of-the-art learning facilities require builders to understand and manage the complexities of such projects. For decades, CRB has been constructing a wide variety of higher education research facilities and campuses across the nation. CRB can provide you with either turnkey or unbundled construction services tailored to meet your needs.

As traditional boundaries in academic and institutional science environments become blurred, CRB passionately works to create new, collaborative environments where research and learning will thrive. Through decades of applied knowledge and a team of uniquely qualified S+T experts, CRB plans, designs, engineers and builds integrated, adaptable and sustainable facilities in which the brightest minds of today – and tomorrow – work together toward discovery's future.