Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Pilot Plant

Confidential Client Location: Western USA Square Footage: 7,000 Construction Cost: $13,000,000
CRB provided full architectural, engineering, and construction management services to retrofit existing warehouse space into a clean room pilot plant for the chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
CRB initially performed a basis-of-design study providing a +/-30% construction cost estimate for management approval and was subsequently awarded detailed design and full construction management services. 

Project Highlights:
  • The pilot plant renovation was approximately 7,000 square feet and capable of approximately 30KG production quantities.
  • The area included two separate 200L reactor skids of hastelloy and glass lined steel.
  • The pilot plant was also equipped with centrifugation, filter dryer, and conical dryer unit operations.
  • The entire pilot plant area was designed for solvents and hazardous materials.
  • The pilot plant also included the addition of a process chiller, temperature control modules, vacuum pumps, scrubber, and purified water system.
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