Bioscience Academic/Incubator Lab Design

University of Colorado Anschutz Location: Aurora, Colorado Square Footage: 112,200 Construction Cost: $16,500,000
In a unique partnership between the University of Colorado (CU) at Anschutz and the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA), the Bioscience 2 project brought to life the concept of “bench to bedside,” providing a multiuse greenfield facility for research, education and clinical care.

Selected to perform architecture and engineering on this design-build project, CRB was tasked with the challenge to design a space that would suit CU’s needs while addressing FRA’s need to entice private bioscience companies to bring their operations to the facility. Ultimately, the Bioscience 2 building would need to function as a university-incubator hybrid.

With laboratory space on all four floors, CRB performed detailed lab planning to optimize both teaching and research spaces. The College of Engineering’s Department of Bioengineering will be using the first floor of Bioscience 2. As the program evolves, the design maximizes flexibility in teaching lab spaces. The program places a strong emphasis on biochemistry and human prosthesis as well as micro biology for human implantation. ClinImmune and iC42 Clinical Research and Development, public/private partnerships with the University, will occupy the second floor of the new building. These lab designs include Clean Rooms, Wet Labs, Cell Culture Labs, Mass Spectrometry, Hematology, as well as medical device prototyping and design labs.

Perhaps the greatest challenge posed by the project was the numerous variety of stakeholders and tenants, each with a unique set of needs and wants. By designing flexibility into the space, CRB was able to accommodate all parties involved and even anticipate needs for future use.

“The Bioscience 2 building will not only be home to the University’s innovative bioengineering program, it will provide a unique opportunity for commercial bioscience companies to interact on a daily basis with highly talented students from the university.” - Steve VanNurden, President and CEO, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority

As of April 2015, CRB moved to CA phase to support the building’s construction. Completion is planned for August 2015, in time for the university’s fall semester Bioengineering majors to begin their bioengineering studies at Anschutz Medical Campus.


Note: CRB is the laboratory planner on this project, working in conjunction with MOA Architects (the prime AE).

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