Bream, Harris & Povenski Present Webinar Hosted by Medicine Maker

Bream, Harris & Povenski Present Webinar Hosted by Medicine Maker
Posted: Feb 16 2018
CRB's Allan Bream, Andrew Harris and Joe Povenski will present a webinar April 5th at 12:00 pm (EST) titled, "Maintaining a Fit Facility™: Stress Testing, Mitigating Risks and Remediation."

The webinar, hosted by the Medicine Maker, will discuss a personalized, on-site, Fit Facility™ concept that addresses the “health” of your operation. They will highlight a bioburden control strategy case study in order to understand the importance of mitigating operational risks and ensuring the upkeep of a Fit Facility™.

In addition to keeping a Fit Facility™, prevention of microbial ingress within any biologics process offers numerous challenges. If any measure or control is ignored or discounted, the frequency of a contamination event can increase exponentially. Any risk to the process should be acknowledged and remediated when possible, even when considered quantitatively low. Evaluating sterilization methods in response to such an event is critical and a key to the overall success of the investigation.

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