Brewery Expansion

Schlafly Beer Location: Maplewood, MO
Schlafly Beer, The Saint Louis Brewery™, has announced expansion plans for their Bottleworks facility in Maplewood. The two-phase project will increase brewing production through the modernization of the bottling line and expansion of the fermentation tanks.

CRB has been selected as the design-partner for the expansion project. As a leading facility design and engineering company, CRB’s St. Louis-based team will provide industry expertise and guidance to support The Saint Louis Brewery for architectural and engineering design.

The Bottleworks bottling line modernization project will be completed in 2016, with the addition of six new fermentation tanks to follow. Upgrades are expected to be complete by 2017, allowing the brewery to reach a projected volume of nearly 90,000 barrels, almost double its current production.
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