Cell Culture Manufacturing Facility Review + Design

CRB was contacted one day before the commencement of construction for this BSL-2/BSL-3 and small scale biotech manufacturing facility that produces cell culture media. The owner requested some high level review by CRB to ensure the facility would meet required codes and regulations both for China and the rest of the world. The plan was to retrofit approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of the first floor of a twenty-eight story high rise incubator to house the new labs and manufacturing spaces.
After a cursory review, several opportunities for improvement were identified and CRB's scope grew to include schematic design for the air handling units, mechanical equipment specifications, process utility sizing, process equipment review and architectural finishes review. The additional services also included several site visits to oversee construction. In a collaborative effort with the owner and the project manager, the team was able to successfully overcome several obstacles to see the project to completion.
  • Educated contractors on international standards for standard building construction and clean room construction procedures and requirements.
  • Due to schedule constraints and lack of contractor experience with these types of equipment, several items were sourced from the US and shipped over to meet project requirements. Weekly meetings on evenings and weekends to accommodate the work schedule of the client.
  • On-call services during the peak construction times. (CRB was available at all hours and on weekends with the lead designers taking shifts to respond to questions immediately as they came up.)
  • Adapted our standard details and construction requirements to accommodate local contractor capabilities and materials available.
  • Recommended and participated in an on-site meeting with the local regulatory officials to get buy-in on concepts prior to project completion.
  • Attended meetings with local governmental officials to build relationships in order to obtain support on this project as well as future projects in the area.
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