Animal Health Lab and Office Renovation

Confidential Client Location: Midwest USA Square Footage: 4,500 Construction Cost: $2,100,000
As part of a regional facilities consolidation and optimization effort, this client needed to renovate their existing animal health QC and chemistry labs. CRB worked closely with the client's research staff to program and design the relocated facility, which required staying within a tight budget while making changes to improve efficiency for scientists.

The new chemistry lab and administrative support space was provided on a central campus in the Midwest. The new lab includes wet bench and fume hood space for sample prep, bench space for testing instruments, and an innovative instrument racking system for the HPLCs.

To reduce space required for this equipment, we provided a unique racking system that used vertical (rather than horizontal) space to accommodate the equipment while reducing overall square footage and bench space required to support it. This tactic not only saved approx. $150,000 on the overall construction cost; it placed the HPLCs in closer proximity to one another, minimizing the movement required for scientist operations.

Support space wraps around the main lab and includes weighing, cylinder storage, glassware washing, waste handling, and an ISO 8 clean room with an interlocked gowning vestibule. Making the glassware accessible through a unique pass-through cabinet further eliminated traffic throughout the facility and standardized the glassware location, making it easier for scientists to obtain clean equipment.

Full height glass between the lab and office space affords views between each space encouraging a collaborative and safe environment. With a clear view from office to lab, scientists can be monitoring their tests from outside the lab and will be able to quickly see any hazards or accidents that may arise.

In addition to contributing ideas on space optimization, CRB provided lab planning, architecture, mechanical and electrical design services.

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