Chris Miles

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“Our work in design and construction allows us to see our shared ideas as they become reality, and then we get the opportunity to test the functionality. These experiences circle back to provide new insight for future designs and opportunities to collaborate with our peers who share this passion. I very much enjoy the opportunity to use my experiences to untangle real life challenges in a way that is beneficial to my teammates, and also to patients - who are really our ultimate customers.”

Chris Miles is a bioprocess specialist at CRB, guiding facilities from conceptual design into construction and commissioning. Chris enjoys working with a broad group of stakeholders to align construction and design activities with the client’s Project Vision. Originally working on large stainless steel biotechnology facilities, Chris has seen the industry shift toward the increasing use of disposables first-hand, and has led exciting design efforts implementing the latest single-use technology. Chris has presented on realizing single-use solutions at the ISBioTech Conference and at the ISPE, Pacific Northwest and San Diego Chapters. Chris graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in chemical engineering in 2000, and has been an active ISPE member for over 15 years. After helping to build facilities on the East Coast for many years, Chris moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008. Within CRB, Chris actively participates in the Cell and Gene Therapy ‘Expert Team’, developing engineering tools and procedures for the evolving design process.

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