College of Science Strategic Facility Plan

University of Utah Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Square Footage: 800,000
University of Utah hired CRB to develop a strategic facility plan for the College of Science that evaluated the college’s existing conditions and developed short- and long-term plans for growth in all its departments. The project involved over 800,000 gross square feet of space in 13 existing buildings on the Salt Lake campus.
The overall goal of the project was to provide a living document for the university, the college and its departments to assist in future facility planning and funding needs for the next 20 years.

Inventory Assessment
The strategic plan began with a detailed analysis of the College of Science’s buildings and space inventory to assess space use and efficiency. From this, recommendations to improve efficiency and establish future utilization metrics were developed. While this effort examined all space types, a more detailed effort was executed on the following areas:
  • Research labs and lab support
  • Teaching labs
  • Offices and office support
Growth Drivers Analysis
In conjunction with the university’s dean, department chairs and senior administration, CRB identified and analyzed several growth drivers for the university’s space and facility impacts:
  • Enrollment projections (undergraduate and graduate students)
  • Headcount projections (researchers, teaching faculty and staff)
  • New course offerings
  • New research programs
Growth Strategies and Cost Analysis
The strategic facility plan aligned the existing space inventory with the College of Science’s growth drivers to identify future facility needs. From this, several strategies to accommodate an almost 30 percent growth over 20 years were developed. The plan assessed how to best leverage both new and existing buildings and comply with the campus master plan. Financial planning recommendations and phasing for new construction and renovations were provided.

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