Create an actionable facility roadmap by aligning your facility strategies with your business plan.

Are you making the most cost-effective business and facility decisions?

Without strategic facility planning, you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. Sound short- and long-term plans require a solid understanding of the relationship between your business requirements and your facility requirements. You can get the most holistic picture of this, as well as the best plan to move your business forward, with CRB’s strategic facility planning.

Grow your operations or increase your existing facility capacity.

Start with an assessment from the experts. Strategic facility planning should be the first step in any master planning or capital planning process. Part analysis, part actionable plan, the process includes:

  1. Asset inventory or analysis of existing facility supply
  2. Capacity analysis to determine the extent of facility utilization
  3. Gap analysis that compares facility supply to business demands

From there, data and extensive planning experience drive our team to develop your best next steps to grow your business including:

  • Plans to fill the gap, whether it’s a capital project or strategies to increase current facility capacity
  • Changes in space utilization to maximize headcount capacity
  • Implementation of operations improvements
  • Strategies and layouts to optimize workflow efficiencies

Change provides an opportunity to grow your business and your assets strategically. Make sure you’re making the right moves for the short- and long-term.

How can strategic facility planning drive the future of your company?

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Strategically transform, realize and optimize your facility with our consulting group of experts and in depth analytics.

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Reduce operating costs, improve time to market, uncover opportunities that boost your bottom line.

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Take the guesswork out of your facility improvements.

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