Four technologies that are changing lab safety

Matthew Decker, AIA

Lab technology is constantly in motion. Every industry is under pressure to continually audit their equipment and make decisions about when and how to install the latest solutions—from robotic packaging systems in the food + beverage industry to artificial-intelligence-enabled analytical tools in pharmaceutical research labs.

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How to incorporate highly potent drug products into your facility

How to incorporate highly potent drug products into your facility

Jeff Fedor
There are many benefits to adding highly potent drug products to your portfolio, including increasing demand and generating potentially higher profit margins. Making the decision to incorporate highly potent drug products into your manufacturing facility can be a challenging process.
Chemistry professor demonstrating use of equipment to two students in a modern teaching laboratory

Five design concepts for teaching laboratory success

Katelyn Deckert
Best practices and lessons learned from the classroom. Keeping the attention of 30 students is a challenge in any classroom. In a teaching laboratory, each new day can feel like its own unpredictable experiment, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Laboratory instruction and classroom management can be improved when lab layouts and classroom designs are optimized. Consider the following five design concepts for teaching laboratory success.
An artistic portrayal of adeno-associated viral vectors used in gene therapy manufacture

Advanced therapy medicinal product facilities through the eyes of a process architect

Grace Linton
Advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) companies are ushering in a new frontier of medicine and technologies poised to revolutionize human health. The industry is advancing at such a rapid pace that these companies are faced with vast new complexities when developing and manufacturing their products.  
A large chiller outside, which could be made more efficient with an ice storage system

Keeping it cool: how biopharma facilities can use an old technology in a new way

Gerry Williams
In the pursuit of efficiency, productivity and staying ahead of the competition, we often seem to chase the next piece of shiny equipment or inventive approach, but sometimes, a good old-fashioned method applied in a different way can provide an innovative and effective solution. When it comes to cooling pharmaceutical facilities and their processes, we don’t necessarily need the most modern refrigeration technology.
Oral solid dose tablets on a continuous manufacturing line

Continuous OSD manufacturing—A 2019 technology update

David DiProspero
The system types being employed in today’s modern oral solid dose form manufacturing facilities
The Scientific Method at Work: Designing Labs for Productivity

The Scientific Method at Work: Designing Labs for Productivity

Dave Miller
Not all labs are created equal. Why do some research facilities produce more patents? Others have greater throughput given the same space and time. Using evidence-based research, designers and lab owners/operators alike can enjoy the benefits of laboratories built to champion productivity.
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