A message from CRB’s President

Ryan Schroeder, President, CRB |
Ryan Schroeder, President, CRB


As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact people and businesses all over the world, CRB is hard at work to limit the risk for our clients and employees and to offer our help and expertise to organizations now developing therapies to halt the spread of the disease.

At a time when virtual meetings replace the working lunch, and handshakes cede to friendly waves, we marvel at our clients’ ability to adapt. And we are inspired by the way our employees have joined the fight. In that spirit, I’d like to tell you about how CRB is dealing with the virus, and how we are committed to keeping our employees safe while maintaining the high level of service our clients expect – now as always.

CRB established a COVID-19 response team back in January to monitor the evolving situation, implement safety measures and activate our business continuity plan. Two of our Senior Leadership Team members have been dedicated full time to lead this daily effort looking after health and safety for our offices and job sites. The team continuously evaluates and acts on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and other sources.

Early on, we set travel restrictions, which have been expanded over time. We limited or stopped our participation at conferences and trade shows. We implemented a program that shows how we can stay healthy by observing simple-but-effective measures.

As we move into Spring amid a declared global pandemic, new measures are in place to minimize risk. All CRB employees that can perform their work from home have been asked to do so. Only the most business-essential travel is allowed and even if asked, our employees are not required to travel should they not want to.  If there is another way to get it done, we will find it. Meetings are now virtualized, connecting us with clients in exciting new ways and finally giving us a reason to use those laptop cameras.

CRB has been at the forefront of innovation and problem solving for the biotech and pharma industries for over 35 years. We understand the importance of working within operational facilities, bringing a unique sensitivity to adapting existing infrastructure for emerging needs. Our expertise helps clients in their work to rapidly deploy solutions to this health crisis, and we’re working around the clock to help speed their progress. We are both humbled and proud to play our part.

CRB is monitoring the situation closely and taking every possible precaution to keep our teams safe and client projects on track. Our established planning and safety protocols are designed to anticipate and limit the kinds of disruptions posed by COVID-19. We wish we could be closer to each one of you at this time, shaking hands, enjoying a discussion over dinner, sharing a cup of coffee at a conference breakfast while talking about personal and business matters.  We will soon enjoy that privilege again. Meanwhile, your projects and our people are our top priorities. We’ll keep that commitment – during this threat, and beyond.


Ryan Schroeder, President, CRB