Critical Services

CRB provides comprehensive design, construction and commissioning capabilities for your mission critical facility.
CONSULTING AND PlanningAs experienced facility design engineers, our consultants understand the challenges facing operations and technology executives. We’ve helped companies just like yours address risk, threats, and vulnerabilities in their technology and facility infrastructure with knowledgeable professionals experienced in data center design and management, operational risk assessment, and continuity of operations planning.  

At the start, CRB will work directly with your team and IT managers to define and assess your objectives, priorities and needs. All risk factors are assessed by our team of consultants, who will then assign a specialized team of architects and engineers best suited for your facility’s technical plan.  We will partner with you to develop a project scope and schedule to ensure a maximized return on your investment and on time completion.  

Whether you require planning for a new facility with five nine's reliability or renovating/co-locating an existing space, our consultants can help you determine the right 24/7/365 solution to serve your business needs.
  • Strategic Planning (build/renovate/co-location)
  • Site Selection/Evaluation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Power/Cooling/Space Assessments
  • Reliability Gap Assessments
  • Single-point-of-failure Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership Studies
  • Energy Optimization Studies
  • Carbon Lifecycle Analysis
  • On-site Power Generation Studies
  • Electrical Coordination/ARC Flash Studies
  • Power Systems Analysis (UPS, Batteries, PDUs)
  • Electrical Power Monitoring Systems/SCADA
  • CFD Studies
  • Cooling System Analysis 
Pre-DesignWith a mutual understanding of your business objectives, CRB analyzes all systems to balance reliability, cap-ex costs, op-ex costs, and the IT end user’s future plans  For example, energy modeling is used to optimize the energy use of your facility on an hourly basis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling is performed to test the design recommendations In addition to airflow modeling, CRB utilizes Virtual Design and Construction(VDC)/BIM as part of an interactive design process that allows for testing of different functional layouts, greatly reduces project risk, and avoids later changes that can impact cost and schedule.
DesignThere are no pre-packaged design solutions for mission critical environments.  By aligning your objectives and cap-ex/op-ex budget, our design maximizes constructability and provides a framework for flexibility and scalability of your facility.   We focus on your specific goals and the opportunities of your site, and pursue the design solution that delivers optimal performance and cost savings over the life of your critical facility.
ConstructionBased on your needs, CRB offers fully integrated design and construction administration services.  Our mission critical experts can assist you with selected construction support throughout the construction phase of your project.  This includes, preparing estimates, budgets and documents for early procurement.
  • Construction Document deliverables
  • Construction administration services



CRB’s commissioning team develops a commissioning program which validates the installation of all equipment, and works with a testing firm to confirm the sequence of operation.

  • Commissioning Services Program Management

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