Data-Driven Equipment and Facility Design Case Study by BioPhorum

Data-Driven Equipment and Facility Design Case Study by BioPhorum
Posted: May 24 2018
Marc Pelletier, PhD was a co-author on this case study that examined functional closure of a hybrid connection system.

This study is an empirical, data-driven approach to support risk-based decisions for facility design and thus relocate closed biopharmaceutical bioprocessing operations from cleanrooms of Grade C or Grade B classifications to a Grade D or CNC environment, with increased use of closed systems. The goal of this study was to demonstrate that functional closure of a hybrid system using common cleaning methods in a non-classified environment is feasible and more effective at preventing bioburden contamination than making an open connection in a classified cleanroom without a subsequent cleaning step. Prior to this study, there was no data available regarding the performance of these methods of functionally closing our processes.

Read the full white paper here:

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