Dave DiProspero featured in Pharma's Almanac

Dave DiProspero featured in Pharma's Almanac
Posted: Jun 01 2018
Dave DiProspero, Associate/Director of Pharmaceutical Process Technology at CRB, is featured in Pharma Almanac's current issue, entitled " Modern OSD Facility Design Considerations for Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance.”

Oral solid dosage (OSD) remains the preferred dosage delivery form for the formulation of many of today’s drug products. Tablets and capsules tend to be lower in cost to manufacture and provide ease of ad-ministration for patients and their caregivers. When engineering and designing today’s OSD manufacturing facilities, the primary goal is to develop a modern and efficient operation that provides for the highest levels of product quality and operational efficiency. Protecting the product from contamination and minimizing the chance of mix-ups are two key elements that must be adequately addressed. Read how Dave highlight’s a few elements of consideration for the architects and engineers engaged in an OSD facility design.

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