Development of large-scale bulk freezing systems

Development of large-scale bulk freezing systems
Posted: Mar 04 2019
CRB’s Paola Ramirez contributed to BioProcess International’s recent article on the “Development of Large-Scale Bulk Freezing Systems.”
The biopharmaceutical industry is under pressure to generate value for shareholders and find innovative therapies while driving down development and manufacturing costs. As the industry considers more flexible and scalable production solutions for patients, new therapies will continue to be developed faster than ever before. These products will need to rely on robust and reliable manufacturing solutions. To deliver on that challenge, streamlining manufacturing processes will be necessary so that many lots of drug substances can be manufactured, stored, and/or processed rapidly and safely. That allows for faster turnaround times between products.

Read why single-use freeze systems are a sound investment in current unit operations and support future capital returns capable of handling rapidly changing bioprocessing requirements here:

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