Excyte Production Facility Design + Construction

Serologicals Corporation Location: Lawrence, Kansas Square Footage: 45,000 Construction Cost: $26,000,000

Project Description:

This project was executed by CRB utilizing a design/build approach.  CRB was responsible for design and construction of this facility which produces cell culture media from bovine serum blood fractionation. The project involved taking an existing process and de-bottlenecking it for a new greenfield site. Design constraints included: segregated material and personnel flow paths; utility/process piping corridors; viral inactivation; exterior access for serum, buffer delivery, and filter press discharge removal; and expansion capability for four independent process suites including warehouse and utilities.

The manufacturing area occupies approximately 10,000 sq. ft. and contains raw material storage, two 12,000L and one 6,000L buffer tanks, two 1,200mm x 1,200mm filter presses with recirculation tanks, UF/DF skid and five viral deactivation/finishing tanks (1,000L-6,000L).  Process included removal of specific proteins from bovine serum through filtration, adsorption and extraction.

The facility was designed to meet FDA and cGMP regulatory guidelines.

CRB's scope included design of the following:  process systems, process and support utilities, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, instrumentation and control system.  CRB was also responsible for specifying all process, mechanical and electrical equipment. Utility systems design included RO, clean steam, CIP/SIP, process chilled water, bulk chemical storage, plant utilities and specialty gases.

The project was executed in a design/build approach with integration efforts between CRB Consulting Engineers and CRB Builders.  Over 60 P&IDs were developed. CRB produced coordinated equipment, line, valve, specialty items and instrument lists from a smart P&ID database.

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