Facilities Management

CRB will work with you to choose the best approach to achieve  maximum benefits and to turn over project Record Document information.

The extent of facilities management integration on a project is determined through detailed discussions between the client and CRB. We will work to deliver on time and under budget, while providing consumable data for building life-cycle operations.
Intelligent Record DocumentsApplying the most cost effective approach to BIM data for facilities operations is key.

In addition to our ability to turn over our BIM design model to you, CRB can provide a simpler PDF or Autocad drawing set that incorporates links to project data. CRB has developed a process of compiling 2D PDF or AutoCad files into intelligent drawings. The drawings contain links to sections and elevations, warranty information, manufacturer cut sheets, web links to the manufacturer part ordering pages, and any data the facilities team deems important to include. By this unique integration of data and the 2D PDF or Autocad format, we ensure your team has instant access to critical information.

How Can We Help With Facilities Management?