1st Floor AHU Modifications

Folgers Coffee Co. Location: Kansas City, Missouri Square Footage: 19,500 Construction Cost: $385,000

Project Description:

The project involved improvements to air handling unit and space conditioning equipment serving a 22,000 sq. ft. packing area at the Folger Coffee Company in Kansas City, Missouri. Two central air handlers provided cooling for the packing area. Heating was provided by a perimeter steam system. The existing equipment was not providing the desired space conditions, 

so evaluation of the equipment was required prior to design.

Field verification of heating and cooling equipment, distribution systems and controls was performed at the site. A report was generated to assess the current conditions of the air handling equipment and to recommend changes to improve occupancy comfort. The recommended modifications to the existing systems were estimated to require approximately $385 thousand in construction costs.

The design for the packing area HVAC upgrade included sizing and selecting a custom 90-ton cooling-only single zone air handling unit to replace an existing multi-zone dual duct air handler. The owner desired split-system DX cooling, so a new condensing unit was selected to serve the cooling capacity of the new air handler. An existing exhaust fan was replaced with a larger fan to maintain proper ventilation. The other existing air handler was modified for a new pleated filter section to replace a roll-filter arrangement. In addition, a new condensing unit was selected to serve this air handler.

The control of the HVAC equipment was a crucial component of the design. The owner desired direct digital controls (DDC) for all components of the system. Therefore, the VAV terminal units, condensing units, fans, perimeter heaters and air handlers were provided with or modified for DDC controls.


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