Fractionation Facility Expansion

Confidential Client Location: Singapore Square Footage: 60,000 Construction Cost: $40,000,000
CRB, teamed with 3HPA, provided architectural and engineering services for the design of the project. CRB was responsible for process, process utility design and automation including equipment layouts, piping design, P&ID schematics and equipment specifications.
Primary unit operations centered on temperature controlled process vessels, filter presses, membrane filtration and buffer systems with on-line dilution. Piping systems utilized transfer panels and complex valve matrices for product, buffer and CIP distribution.

The project included low temperature raw material and production storage rooms and production areas. The process required strict control of temperature, pH, agitation and raw material supply rates at the primary process use points.

Detailed design included 3-D layout and piping design for the entire facility. The 3-D design was created using a comprehensive integrated design approach through a fully coordinated database design and specification system. Process simulation services were provided utilizing SuperPro.
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