Gerald Schneider joins CRB Group GmbH as managing director

Gerald Schneider joins CRB Group GmbH as managing director
Posted: Aug 09 2018
Gerald Schneider, a long-time business leader in the life science and advanced technology industries, has joined CRB Group GmbH as the managing director for European commercial operations. 
At his previous company, Schneider established and developed multiple new offices, successfully restructured business units and integrated new teams. As chief financial officer, he held responsibility for company commercial affairs and led an international team of 60 employees. 

“We are extremely excited to have Gerald join our team in Europe. Aside from being a great cultural fit with CRB, his broad experience in business operations outside of the United States will be a tremendous asset to our growing international operations,” Ryan Schroeder, CRB’s president, said.

Schneider’s role will be to provide leadership for CRB’s European offices, working collaboratively with operational leaders and staff. He will hold ultimate responsibility for CRB’s European commercial operations and execute business support systems for legal services, business licensing, project and business contracts, project controls, human resources, finance and accounting. 

“I am excited to join CRB, a well-known partner in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. It’s a privilege to work with a team of first-class engineers and consultants, and I look forward to the continued growth and success of our European business,” Schneider said.