Improved Collaboration

CRB will work with each client to choose the best approach, ensuring maximum benefits are achieved.

The extent of facilities management integration on a project is determined through detailed discussions between the client and CRB. We will work to deliver on time and under budget, while providing consumable data for building life-cycle operations.
Promote CollaborationVDC creates collaboration between all project stakeholders. Digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility are generated and the resulting building information models become shared resources to support decision-making throughout the facility life-cycle. By incorporating BIM from the beginning of a project, clients are empowered with in-depth knowledge of their facility.
Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity due to the ease of information retrieval
  • Optimized and intelligent cost allocations can be derived from the model
  • Improved coordination through better integration of information and process optimization
  • Reduction of errors and omissions in project documentation
  • Early engagement of project team members to create better drawings and reduce risks associated with a normal 2D workflow
  • Improved communication between all team members through visualization
  • Improved ability to provide the best value for the project budget by early design and constructability considerations

How Can We Help With Improved Collaboration?