Philip Lyman, PhD

Director, Process Simulation

Philadelphia, PA

Philip Lyman, PhD is the Director of Process Simulation at CRB and is a Senior Associate in the firm. Over 15 years ago, Phil brought the initial simulation service offering to CRB, allowing us to provide clients with both static and dynamic models of the manufacturing and laboratory processes. Working with other process engineers to correctly calibrate and manipulate the models, these simulations help our clients to better understand how to increase throughput, decrease operating costs and improve efficiency in overall operations. As such, Phil is an integral part of our Operations Improvement services group and is a leader on CRB’s Simulation Expert Team.

Phil holds several degrees in Chemical Engineering: a Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin – Madison; and Master of Science and PhD from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

“My doctoral work was about the interaction of design and control of multiple reactors and systems of distillation columns. Since I couldn’t experiment with the actual equipment in school, I relied on the extensive use of process modeling and simulation. In the end, I had to write a program which automatically generated models, applied control structures and evaluated the performance of each one.”

After studying models of continuous chemical processes, he modeled batch chemical processes professionally and then transitioned to batch processes in the life sciences industry. The consistent focus of each modeling project was process understanding leading to increased throughput and/or lower operating costs.

Prior to joining CRB over 12 years ago, Phil’s work experience includes positions at Dow Chemical Co., Dow Corning Corporation, Hemlock Semiconductor and Air Products and Chemicals. Additionally, he operated as a specialized, independent consultant for two years. A pioneer in the realm of process simulation, his resume totals over 22 years of experience with process modeling, 15 of which focused on the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

“My passion is really about problem-solving... starting with understanding a client's objectives and challenges, examining their processes, and then implementing technological solutions like simulation to overcome their barriers and realize their desired business objectives. I find it extremely satisfying to clarify confusing and complicated systems using a modeling approach. This understanding often leads to surprising financial gains for our clients.”

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