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Leveraging operational simulations to design cell therapy facilities

Cell therapies are emerging as an important class of next-generation medicines. As many novel treatments move through development to commercialization, manufacturers are challenged to construct optimal facilities for the production of cell therapies. Modeling and simulation at the earliest design stages have many benefits.

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Build a Process Model

10 reasons why you should build a process model

A process model can be anything from a simple excel spreadsheet to a complex model that includes all aspects of a real-world manufacturing plant. However, the best model does not include everything. It only includes what is necessary to answer questions.

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Transformers: Ensuring Efficient Electrical System Design

Transformers: ensuring efficient electrical system design

As clients’ budgets are getting tighter, every penny spent is scrutinized. Both capital and long-term operational costs are evaluated for optimal cost savings. Over the past decade, 3-phase, low-voltage, dry-type transformer efficiency has become a hot topic for owners and specifying engineers seeking to save money on the long-term operational costs within a facility.

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Improving Operations Can Save Real Dough

Improving operations can save real dough

Like any resource-constrained industry facing uncertain demands and external competition, the food industry is under constant pressure to reduce operating expenses, shorten lead times, improve flexibility and increase throughput. Designing new facilities or expanding existing ones is an expensive undertaking and is often ranked low on a list of options for companies.

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Start with the Foundation: Successful Design Begins with Strategic Facilities Planning

Start with the foundation: successful design begins with strategic facilities planning

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was it built without a foundation. Successful building design begins on the ground floor, where operations, growth, capacity and more are considered and weighed to create the detailed facility solution that is appropriately aligned around your key business objectives.

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Optimizing Facility, Process & Packaging Design for Food Safety

Optimizing facility and process design for food safety

Facility and process design for food safety play a crucial role in mitigating contamination risks. Here are six best practices already employed in biopharma manufacturing that should be implemented in food processing plants.

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Process Simulation and its Benefits

Process simulation and its benefits

Process simulation can be an invaluable tool to compare alternatives and justify the cost for manufacturing and manufacturing-related processes.

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Understanding Waste From A Lean Biopharmaceutical Perspective

Understanding waste from a lean biopharmaceutical perspective

As pressure for biopharma manufacturers to cut costs continues to grow, implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can eliminate waste and maximize profits.

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