Internet Data Center

EXODUS COMMUNICATIONS Location: Miami, Florida Square Footage: 140,000 Construction Cost: $55,000,000

Project Description:

CRB provided engineering design services for a new 180,000 sq. ft. Colo Center for mission-critical operations. Infrastructure included double-ended 23-kV switchgear, multiple 2,500-kVA secondary unit substations, twelve 2,000-kW back-up power generators, multiple 800-kW UPS

systems with battery back-up, 128,000 gallon diesel fuel storage, fuel distribution and polishing, multiple roof-top air handling units, computer room air conditioning units, HVAC distribution, DDC controls and leak detection systems.

Facility security features included secured equipment areas, restricted interior access (e.g. man traps), reduced signage, external security monitoring, enhanced building structure, and biometrics.

In addition, the project included a two-story, administrative office addition of 40,000 sq. ft.

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