Jochen Schmidt-Nawrot Published in Pharmind

Jochen Schmidt-Nawrot Published in Pharmind
Posted: Feb 20 2017
Jochen Schmidt-Nawrot, Process Utilities Specialist at CRB, was recently published in Pharmind.  “Myths in Pharmaceutical Water Treatment” discusses the widespread myths about microbiological control of pharmaceutical water treatment and focuses on critical aspects of the design, construction and operation of pharmaceutical water treatment plants. 

“Ultrapure water is the most important additive for the production of pharmaceuticals,” explains Schmidt-Nawrot. “Particularly in the case of Water for Injection (WFI), the focus is on the production of an excellent microbiological water quality in order to prevent a health hazard to the patient by the drug. Water treatment is aimed both at removing microbiological impurities, such as bacteria and endotoxins, as well as reducing the amount of ingredients which promote re-contamination. These include above all organics, salt ions, nitrogen and trace elements.”

Schmidt-Nawrot adds, “In addition to water quality, the design and operation of the plants and the materials used are of great importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately, there is no uniform and continuously updated GMP rule. This results in obsolete and partly incorrect views and requirements that do not reflect the current state of the art.”

Pharmind subscribers can view the article here.

About Jochen:

Jochen Schmidt-Nawrot is a Process Utilities Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical water industry. His deep knowledge and application of industry regulations, cGMP and best practices make him valuable to clients in the design and delivery of process utilities. 

Having previously worked for innovative and leading ultrapure water system manufacturers, such as Christ and Hager + Elsässer, Jochen brings a unique perspective to his role at CRB. He takes great pride in understanding the needs of an end-user and combining it with his deep design knowledge to identify the best water system design, both qualitatively and economically.

Jochen has a diploma in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Stuttgart.

He is an active member of ISPE and part of the Regional Community of Practice (rCoP) “Water and Steam” in the DACH-region. Jochen has written well-recognized publications and presented at several conferences and trainings around the world. He has supported the approval of membrane technologies for production of WFI by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM).

Jochen is currently supporting the expansion of CRB in Europe.

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