Keck Lab Renovation for Dr. Wei Gao

California Institute of Technology Location: Pasadena, California Square Footage: 3,462 Construction Cost: $1,500,000
The goal of this project was to modernize a laboratory and faculty office for Wei Gao, Ph.D., assistant professor of medical engineering with the Division of Engineering and Applied Science.

Gao’s primary research interest is in the development of novel bioelectronic devices for personalized and precision medicine, such as wearable and flexible biosensors that can analyze the various biomarkers in body fluids for real-time continuous health monitoring and early diagnosis and synthetic micro/nanomachines for rapid drug delivery and precision surgery. His research thrusts include fundamental materials innovation as well as practical device and system level applications in translational medicine. Areas of research interests include wearable devices, biosensors, flexible electronics, micro/nanorobotics and nanomedicine.

Gao’s space is located on the first and second floor of the W. M. Keck Engineering Laboratories. The approximate project area was 3,462 square feet and had a design-build project delivery.

The project included full demolition and redesign of research laboratory space and faculty and student office areas. CRB provided architectural and laboratory design services for this complex research laboratory renovation project and worked with the general contractor to manage the design-build engineering systems.

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