Laser Scanning

Laser scanning can measure fine details and capture the built environment. This results in highly accurate point clouds that can be used by design and construction teams.

Laser scanning is ideally suited to the measurement and recording of complex geometries where capturing this data would require considerable time and may be impractical with the use of traditional measurement methods.

CRB will work with you to choose the best approach, ensuring maximum benefits are achieved. CRB has partnered with several firms for laser scanning to provide consistent high quality services to our clients.
Laser Scanning to Reduce Cost and ReworkThrough the use of laser scanning, CRB can quickly capture accurate as-built data in facilities where such information may be questionable or non-existent. Laser scanning is instrumental in the reduction of cost and associated risk of rework due to field verification during design and construction. Laser scans can be used as a standalone tool or be converted into a 2D drawing or a 3D model based on the needs of the project.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced project costs
  • Fewer RFI's and change orders
  • Aids in schedule compression
  • Design is provided with accurate as-built
  • Laser scanning can be done with little to no interruption to manufacturing.

How Can We Help With Laser Scanning?