Methroprene Manufacturing Facility Expansion Design

CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT Location: Midwest USA Square Footage: 9,500 Construction Cost: $8,000,000

Project Description:

CRB provided architectural, structural, process, utility and instrumentation design services for this expansion and renovation of an existing three-story specialty chemical manufacturing facility for a new bulk chemical for veterinary pharmaceutical use. The facility is designed to produce bulk actives for U.S. as well as international sales, and is based upon preliminary design developed internally by the owner.

The process is centered on chemical reactor systems, a filter dryer, an exterior storage tank farm and numerous receivers and process vessels. The process includes powder handling of a potent compound as well as bulk raw materials; drum dispensing stations and filling operations for an intermediate as well as the bulk active.

Support systems include environmental control, process water system, ammonia scrubber, integrated vent and relief system designed for two-phase flow, process temperature control skids and an intrinsically safe instrumentation system. Utilities include chilled water, plant steam, nitrogen, breathing air and vacuum.

A detailed process hazard analysis (PHA) was facilitated by CRB for the entire process and was based on the HAZOP study method, analyzing approximately 70 individual nodes within the process.

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