Mission Critical

We understand mission critical facilities.

Your 7x24 facility is the backbone of your business. For your next mission critical project, you need a partner who can deliver systems and a facility that are highly reliable, yet flexible to meet your ever-changing business demands, scaling requirements and unpredictable growth needs in a highly volatile IT environment.

Since 1984, CRB has provided planning, design and construction services to advanced technology clients across the globe. We understand how to solve complex problems under tight schedules, and deliver innovative, smart solutions for facilities and systems that maximize reliability, reduce downtime and minimize lifecycle cost.

With 30+ years of experience in designing, analyzing, testing and delivering systems for advanced technology facilities, CRB can provide our innovative design philosophy to successfully future-proof your mission critical facility.

Whether you need to design and build a new facility, consolidate multiple locations, expand, upgrade, or relocate an existing facility, CRB will tailor its mission critical team to meet your needs. You will benefit from partnering with experts who possess a comprehensive understanding of your IT end user/data center operations teams’ needs, and your specific facility and systems requirements including knowledge of how critical infrastructure needs to be planned, designed and built. 

CRB has an unsurpassed track record of delivering innovative solutions that consistently produce successful outcomes. Our impressive portfolio includes data centers, co-location sites, internet communications facilities, disaster recovery sites and enterprise control centers.