New Herbal Supplement Facility

Confidential Client Location: Western USA Square Footage: 375,000 Construction Cost: $55,000,000
CRB was commissioned to develop a Basis of Design (BOD) for a new herbal supplement Greenfield manufacturing facility. The goals of the BOD were to identify the required production and support space requirements, lay out the facility, provide a conceptual site plan, define the support utilities, and generate a report and drawings containing enough information to provide a cost estimate.

CRB started with a concept from the client and through a collaborative effort, were able to substantially reduce the production area footprint for the new supplement facility by 40% based on our knowledge of the process equipment and improving utilization. The new facility was designed to handle a wide range of products and SKU’s, as well as be expandable. 

The facility consists of tilt-up wall construction and encompasses approximately 350,000 sq. ft. of administration, production, warehouse and lab space. The production areas were designed around 20’-0” x 60’- 0” bays, separated by 12’-0” wide production hallways. This modular layout provides future flexibility in production room reconfiguration. 

CRB also provided equipment sizing for HVAC, utilities, process utilities, plumbing and electrical to provide reliability, redundancy, expandability, and sustainable design concepts. The facility was designed to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements and allowed the client to continue being a world leader in the production of quality nutraceuticals


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