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Sep 20 2019

Connect with CRB at PACK EXPO 2019

Stop by the CRB booth at PACK EXPO to meet our team and learn how we're leveraging the latest technologies to design and construct food+beverage facilities.

Sep 20 2019

Ryan McDonough featured in "Gene therapies: On the rise" article

Ryan McDonough, PE featured in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing article "Gene therapies: On the rise."
Sep 11 2019

How Commercial Biopharma Experience is Shaping Cell and Gene Therapy Facility Design

Niranjan Kulkarni, Grace Linton and Allan Bream were interviewed in Cell and Gene Therapy Insights on “How commercial biopharma experience is shaping cell and gene therapy facility design.” The interview will give you some intel to how facility design differs from other sectors and what unique parameters need to be accounted for before embarking on a new facility.

Sep 03 2019

Josh Miksch named to NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Code

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has appointed Josh Miksch as a "Special Expert" and Alternate to Reinhard Hanselka on the NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Code.

Aug 28 2019

The Future of Cell Therapy - Webinar Available!

If you missed speakers Peter Walters and Emily Thompson, Process Engineers from CRB, on August 22nd, 2019 as they discussed the importance of automating advanced therapy manufacturing, QC testing and warehousing, especially considering the immense variety of materials required for the many individual products and processes, you can hear the recording now!

Aug 23 2019

MycoTechnology Inc. wins 2019 ENR Regional Best Projects award

CRB is proud to announce another win in the annual ENR Regional Best Projects awards!
Aug 16 2019

CRB at Switzerland's leading trade show for process technology

CRB is presenting and exhibiting at ILMAC 2019.

Aug 16 2019

CRB ranks among the top 225 international design firms

Engineering-News Record (ENR) released its annual top 225 international design firm rankings in its July edition. CRB, which did not appear on the list last year, was ranked number 211 for 2019.
Aug 15 2019

Ben Rucker offers tips for picking an automation project and ensuring success

Ben Rucker offers tips for picking an automation project and ensuring success in Food Engineering’s August issue.

Aug 15 2019

CRB ranks on Architectural Record's annual list

CRB was recently ranked no. 193 on the Architectural Record Magazine Top 300 Architectural Firm's list.

Aug 14 2019

Ben Skowronski promoted to Maryland office leader

CRB is excited to announce the promotion of Ben Skowronski to the leader of the Maryland office.

Aug 12 2019

Joshua Miksch promoted to Boston office team leader

CRB is excited to announce the promotion of Joshua Miksch, PE to a team leader role for CRB’s Boston office.
Aug 08 2019

Tuffy's Pet Foods breaks ground on new pet treat facility

Delano, Minnesota city officials joined executives from Tuffy’s Pet Foods, CRB, Pinky Swear Foundation and Founding Fathers Pet Treats to celebrate the groundbreaking of Tuffy’s new pet treat facility on Wednesday, August 7th in Delano.

Jul 29 2019

Matt Decker featured in Lab Manager, Four Technologies Changing Lab Safety

Matt Decker, AIA is featured in Lab Manager for his article "Four Technologies That Are Changing Lab Safety."

Jul 23 2019

Fending off allergens with isolated food production lines

Pablo Coronel, Ph.D. and Brian Gifford are featured in Baking & Snack's "Fending off allergens with isolated production lines."

Jul 18 2019

Katelyn Deckert featured in CSE Magazine, design concepts for teaching laboratory success

Katelyn Deckert, laboratory planner and architect in CRB's Kansas City office, is featured in Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine. 

Jul 17 2019

CRB Named for Making Global Impact in the Cell and Gene Therapy Field

CRB is proud to be listed as one of five companies that are powering the cell and gene therapy revolution in the Maryland area!
Jul 10 2019

Webinar Available: NextGen Now. Delivering Tomorrow’s Facilities Today

CRB’s Ryan McDonough, PE, and Marc Pelletier, Ph.D. presented a webinar on June 25, 2019, on modeling multiple variations of a typical gene-modified cell therapy facility enables both a thorough examination of company and industry-wide challenges, and exploration of alternative/future models for the cell & gene therapy manufacturing sector.

Jul 08 2019

Membrane-Based Reverse Osmosis Systems for WFI Production Featured in Pharma's Almanac

Jarrod Wrampe, Senior Process Utility Engineer was featured in Pharma's Almanac with an article entitled, "Membrane-Based Reverse Osmosis Systems for WFI Production."

Jun 19 2019

Agilent Technologies Inc. Oligo Production Facility Opens!

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the opening of a production facility in Colorado that more than doubles its capacity to develop and manufacture "oligos," which are short DNA and RNA molecules that customers use to produce nucleic acid-based therapeutics.

Jun 10 2019

CGMP Webinar: WFI Production with Membrane Technology

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines announced that the highly purified water (HPW) monograph would be suppressed in 2019, and pharmaceutical companies were left to wonder about the implications this has for their operations. How will HPW become water for injection (WFI)?

Jun 07 2019

CRB Out & About - ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference!

The 2019 ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference is being held June 18-20 in Boston, MA and focuses on innovation in production methods and technologies that enable a competitive and sustainable biopharmaceutical product supply for the future. From mAbs to viral vectors, oligos to ADCs, this conference will bring together experts that are developing, implementing, and operating advanced supply chains supplying high quality medicines to global markets.

Jun 04 2019

Independent Stave Company Breaks Ground on Commonwealth Cooperage

On June 4, 2019 CRB project partner Independent Stave Company (ISCO) broke ground on construction of Commonwealth Cooperage, a new state-of-the art cooperage facility in Morehead, KY. Representatives from ISCO, CRB and local officials gathered for the ceremonial groundbreaking which signified the beginning of construction on the approximately 150,000 square feet, $67 million project.

May 29 2019

Designing ATMP Facilities and Processes with Commercialization in Mind

Peter Walters, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Subject Matter Expert and Kim Nelson, Senior Director, Strategic Consulting, at CRB were interviewed by Cell and Gene Therapy Insights on “Designing Facilities and Processes with Commercialization in Mind.”
May 28 2019

Christa Myers Named 2019 Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing!

Christa Myers named 2019 Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing by Putnam Media.

May 28 2019

Reducing Waste with Lean Delivery featured in Pharma's Almanac

Matthew Khair, Maryland Office Leader/Senior Associate, and J. Lee Emel, Southeast Regional Leader/Senior Associate at CRB are featured in Pharma's Almanac's current issue, entitled "Reducing Waste with Lean Delivery in Facility Design and Construction.” 

May 22 2019

Sustainable Energy Solutions – 10 Things to do Today

Jeff Wegner, PE is featured in Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine. Wegner’s article outlines 10 sustainable site energy solutions that industry leaders can implement now.
May 21 2019

CRB's Jason Tucker becomes Certified Conformance Evaluator

Jason Tucker, senior process engineer at CRB, is now a Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE) for 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (SSI).
May 16 2019

Webinar: NextGen Now. Delivering Tomorrow’s Facilities Today

CRB’s Ryan McDonough, PE, and Marc Pelletier, Ph.D. will be presenting a webinar on June 25, 2019, on modeling multiple variations of a typical gene-modified cell therapy facility enables both a thorough examination of company and industry-wide challenges, and exploration of alternative/future models for the cell & gene therapy manufacturing sector.
May 09 2019

CRB enters Kansas City Business Journals Hall of Champions

On May 2, the Kansas City Business Journal honored CRB as one of the publication's Champions of Business. Each year, the Kansas City Business Journal honors 15 companies that are rooted in Kansas City, have been in business at least three years and earn a gross revenue of at least $3 million. The Champions of Business winners are acknowledged as helping the community thrive. 

May 02 2019

CRB Out & About – American Biomanufacturing Summit!

The American Biomanufacturing Summit is being held June 18-19 in San Francisco, California and is designed to provide biopharmaceutical executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain and logistics.

May 02 2019

CRB Out & About – BIO 2019!

BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, June 3-6, celebrates the globally important innovations in biotech that start with one: one meeting, one theory, one trial, one breakthrough.

Apr 22 2019

Designing labs for productivity, a presentation at Lab Design Conference

Laboratories are some of the most technically challenging types of spaces to design. Once the technical aspects are accounted for, what separates the good labs from the great? The answer lies in productivity.

Apr 22 2019

CRB Out & About – ISPE Canada!

The ISPE Canada Annual Education and Product Symposium is being held May 6-7 in Toronto, Canada and aims to inspire progress through education, operational excellence, product knowledge and interaction.
Apr 16 2019

Survey forecasts 16.6 percent boost in food + beverage 2019 capital spending

Tom Rychlewski and Larry Klein are featured in Food Processing’s “2019 Capital spending outlook: Building bigger.” The annual capital spending survey forecasts a 16.6 percent boost as food + beverage producers pump up the size of their building projects.

Apr 10 2019

CRB Projects Win Two 2019 ISPE Facility of the Year Awards

ISPE's Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) is the premier global awards program, recognizing innovation and creativity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing industries. Projects selected for recognition set the standard by demonstrating excellence in facility design, construction and operations.
Apr 09 2019

A sustainable bottom line

Jeff Matis, PE and Tammi McAllister are featured in Food Engineering’s “A sustainable bottom line: Environmentally friendly upgrades must save money.” The costs and rewards of sustainable design in modern food and beverage manufacturing facilities are explained in the article.

Apr 05 2019

The digitalization journey

Niranjan Kulkarni, Ph.D. and Steve Pflantz, PE are featured in Food Engineering’s March 2019 cover story, “The digitalization journey: Use segmented digitization to be competitive in a lasting, affordable way.” The article details planning and executing a successful implementation of digital techniques to improve processes, increase efficiency and obtain actionable information from them.

Apr 02 2019

Exploring the intersections between public & private science

CRB's Kansas City office is hosting a thoughtful panel discussion on the intersections or crossovers between public and private science. We will hear from experienced professionals as they answer questions and share insights into the latest trends and predictions for the future of research as well as innovation in technology, business and regional development.

Apr 01 2019

Mark Paskanik Presenting with Duke at Tradeline Research Facilities 2019

The demand for CGMP clinical batch trial suites are on the rise at academic institutions, and rigorous grant application and facility design and construction requirements must be navigated with precision.

Mar 27 2019

Improving sanitary design in legacy food facilities

Pablo Coronel, Ph.D. is featured in Food Safety Strategies, weighing in on critical sanitary considerations in aging snack and bakery facilities.

Mar 26 2019

NextGen Now: Delivering Tomorrow's Facilities Today

CRB's Ryan McDonough is featured in this month's The Medicine Maker. His article, "NextGen Now: Delivering Tomorrow's Facilities Today" discusses how cell and gene therapy products will successfully reach patients and deliver transformative cures, however the industry will need more facilities capable of manufacturing them. 
Mar 18 2019

CRB Out & About – ISPE Aseptic Conference!

The 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference being held March 18-19 in North Bethesda, MD, focuses on the future of aseptic processing, including containment, multi-product facilities, and the increasing use of robotics. The attendees at the Aseptic Conference will be looking to not only learn about best practices in the industry, they also want to find out what are the latest and greatest in aseptic processing technologies.
Mar 14 2019

Food+Beverage 2019 Spring Events

Connect with CRB’s Food+Beverage team at these spring events. 

Mar 13 2019

Dave DiProspero to present with Shire on the 2018 Facility of the Year Award-winning project at ISPE Europe

Dave DiProspero will be presenting at the 2019 ISPE Europe Annual Conference on Wednesday, April 3 alongside Steve Marr, head of capital engineering/global manufacturing and supply for Takeda/Shire and Tony Crincoli, vice president of engineering for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.
Mar 13 2019

Leveraging operational simulations to design cell therapy facilities

Niranjan Kulkarni, PhD, Director of Operations Improvement at CRB is featured in Pharma Almanac's current issue, entitled "Leveraging Operational Simulations to Design Cell Therapy Facilities.”
Mar 12 2019

Building tomorrow’s facilities, today

Celebrating 40 years, INTERPHEX has been, and continues to be, the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device development and manufacturing event where you can “Experience Science through Commercialization”. Sponsored by the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), the event is based in New York and brings over 10,500 global industry professionals and 620+ industry leading suppliers together to “Learn it, Experience it, Procure it” through a unique combination of no cost technical conference, exhibits, demonstrations, roundtables, partnering opportunities and networking to leverage quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness in today’s ever-changing global market.
Mar 11 2019

Greg Hoyt featured in an editorial article by Biocompare, “Perspectives on Pilot Plants”

Pilot plants represent a milestone in a drug’s commercial development, where drug sponsors first explore engineering, commercialization, clinical, regulatory, and process issues outside the relative safety of laboratory scale. And, as the test ground for a product’s ultimate manufacturability, pilot scale is where drug sponsors often return to de-bottleneck or to solve unanticipated production issues.
Mar 04 2019

Development of large-scale bulk freezing systems

CRB’s Paola Ramirez contributed to BioProcess International’s recent article on the “Development of Large-Scale Bulk Freezing Systems.”
Feb 27 2019

One of the largest pharmaceutical spray dryers is lowered into place for an oral solid dosage project in Boston!

On a crisp, cold winter Sunday in Boston, a large pharmaceutical spray dryer was successfully lowered into place for the Acorda Therapeutics Inc. project in Chelsea, Massachusetts. 
Feb 19 2019

Are you exposed? Guarding against cyberattacks

In today’s age of technology, manufacturers must guard themselves against cyberattacks. Automation and integration create more efficient facilities but can leave companies exposed if not properly secured. 
Feb 15 2019

CRB Supports and Empowers Women in Pharma

"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." Rosalynn Carter
Feb 14 2019

Aging facilities create sanitation challenges for snack and baking industry

Pablo Coronel, Ph.D. talks with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery about tackling food safety improvements in existing plants without interrupting production in the February 2019 issue. 
Feb 11 2019

CRB Out & About – ISPE Aseptic Conference!

The 2019 ISPE Aseptic Conference being held March 18-19 in North Bethesda, MD, focuses on the future of aseptic processing, including containment, multi-product facilities, and the increasing use of robotics.
Jan 22 2019

Seese featured in PharmTech’s January Equipment & Processing Report

CRB’s Clay Seese is featured in PharmTech’s January Equipment & Processing Report.
Jan 17 2019

CRB at 2019 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference

CRB will be sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at this year’s ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference in San Francisco, CA. 
Jan 09 2019

Tammi McAllister featured in Food Engineering

CRB’s Tammi McAllister is featured in the December issue of Food Engineering.
Jan 02 2019

Myers and Vaughn Present A Study on the Future of Filling Hosted by Medicine Maker

“I want it all, and I want it now,” a study on the future of filling

Jan 02 2019

Jim Contratto joins CRB as director of business development

Jim Contratto, a design and construction professional with 37 years of experience, has joined CRB’s Central region as the director of business development. Contratto has a wide range of knowledge in the construction industry, previously working in the areas of pre-construction, operations, design and business development. His understanding of complex construction projects in the life sciences and advanced technology industries bring an added level of expertise to CRB and CRB’s clients.
Jan 02 2019

Christa Myers Named ISPE’s Women in Pharma® Chair!

ISPE “Women in Pharma” provides women in the pharmaceutical industry a forum for connecting and collaborating on technical and career advancement topics and provide an opportunity for women to speak, deliver technical presentations, and contribute to panel discussions.