ISPE Aseptic Conference

Connect with CRB at ISPE Aseptic Conference

Jan 22, 2020

CRB is a proud sponsor of the 2020 ISPE Aseptic Conference, March 2-3 in North Bethesda, Maryland, which will focus on providing flexible and reliable solutions for the implementation and management of the latest in aseptic, barrier, containment, and aseptic best-practice technologies, including automated visual inspections.

CRB’s Christa Myers is part of this esteemed program committee that put together an impressive agenda, which we are excited to be a part of!

Christa writes about the top 5 lessons that can be learned at the show this year. Check out the full article here.

Don’t miss the following sessions!

Planning for The Unknown – Autologous Cell Therapy Scale Out Planning
Speakers: Sumit Verma, Ryan McDonough, and Philip Lyman

Autologous cell therapies have the potential to cure diseases rather than just manage them. They are expected to grow sharply over the next decade. Results from the clinic are impressive and commercial launches have shown that companies can tackle the manufacturing hurdles, however, there is no playbook. The industry and technology are changing rapidly and planning for a facility today that can withstand the upcoming changes is challenging. This session will focus on leveraging key partnerships, well defined user requirements, and data driven selection criteria to enable site selection and facility planning that will withstand the test of time. Logistics play a critical role in autologous cell therapy facility selection and facility design – overcoming challenges associated with scale out versus scale up, utilizing discrete event simulation modeling and a carefully tiered phased design and construction approach will be discussed.

Robotics & Automation: Understanding the Basics
Speaker: Carmine Stropoli

This session will present an overview of Robotics and Automation Technologies and examples of current applications in pharma facilities. Various types of available robotics will be described including an application spectrum and criteria “scorecard” that are used to support identifying potential applications in a facility. A reference guide to support determining the applicability of a manual, collaborative or fully automated robotic operation based on the degree of desired operational flexibility, consistency of items, predictability of presentation and run volumes will be illustrated. “Key” robotic terminologies and ISO standards for robotic systems that provide the basis for preparing a URS for a robotic application will be reviewed. Considerations for operations to incrementally implement robotic work cells that may eventually interface with automated load transferring devices will be described and illustrated.

ISPE Barrier Survey Data and Trends
Speaker: Lisa Dorn, Jessica Frantz & Paul Valerio

What are the latest trends in aseptic filling? What barrier systems have been installed throughout the industry in the past 5 years? Isolators, RABS? Is the industry trending toward single use and ready to use? What product categories are intended to run on new filling lines? Preview how the industry responding to robotics, automated lyo loading, gloveless isolators. If you are interested in the results of data collected across the industry, come and hear how ISPE has initiated the latest barrier survey and preliminary results.

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