Christa Myers and Rob Boulanger Host Webinar

Christa Myers and Rob Boulanger Host Webinar

May 3, 2017

CRB’s Christa Myers and Dr. Rob Boulanger will host a webinar Tuesday, May 16th, 1:00-2:00 p.m., “Make Good Choices. In House vs. Contract Manufacturing.” The webinar, hosted by BioBuzz, focuses on the age-old debate for mature, emerging and virtual biopharmaceutical companies–whether to outsource production to a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) or not.

At the core of the issue is brand protection. While outsourcing can minimize capital and labor costs, the challenge lies in the process of evaluating and selecting the right CMO as your manufacturing partner. How can you minimize potential consequences, including damage to your brand and loss of market share and revenue? How can you minimize the risks to product quality, while ensuring that equipment, processes and procedures used in manufacturing will maintain the intended strength, integrity, safety, purity and quality of the drug or product? And how can you do it all within budget? While the answers to these questions will be specific to each company and its products and processes, we are going to discuss some key drivers to help you make the right decisions.

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About the Speakers:
Christa Myers is a Process Chemical Engineer with 20+ years of experience providing clients with insight as to how codes, past and current regulations and innovative technologies apply to their process and facility designs. Her involvement starts with the strategic concept and continues through construction and startup of projects. After project completion, Christa will continue to evaluate whether the design elements worked properly, or should be re-evaluated further for future projects.

Dr. Boulanger is a highly-acclaimed and published biopharmaceutical scientist with expertise in process optimization and technology transfer at various production scales. Rob joined CRB in April 2015 where he implements his process and operational expertise in both a design and consulting role by supporting biopharm clients through their various growth stages.

Christa Rob