Nutrition Plant of the Future Concept Design

Abbott Laboratories Location: Columbus, Ohio

Project Description:

Abbott Nutrition hired CRB and our partner, the PM Group, to assist them in developing baby formula manufacturing plant designs that are more flexible and considered plant of the future concepts. The goals for this future facility was to reduce capital cost, reduce time to add capacity to the facility, and reduce disruption to current operations when modifying the facility. CRB led this project which was executed across three continents in global time zones.

CRB developed the layouts with the team, compared the new design result to existing facilities and previous study results, estimated costs at a conceptual level for building this facility in a number of geographic locations around the globe, and provided a summary presentation for all of the study information in a presentation format. PMG provide process design as well as comparable cost estimates broken out by country or region. CRB provided 3D visuals of the future facility from multiple perspectives, both internal representations of modifications as well as external views. Two case studies of the impact of this new design on project financials were completed. The first was an evaluation of various emerging market locations on the capital cost with a focus on the BRIC countries. Second was an evaluation of the cost and schedule impacts of modifying the product mix and new ingredients in the production of the baby formula. A conceptual project schedule was completed showing impact of the new design on overall project completion. Key risk assessment areas were identified for project execution. Key benefits included reduced footprint, reduced capital cost, reduced schedule, large reduction in classified space for construction and manufacturing operations purposes, lower cost of operation of this new facility, ease of equipment changeovers, and improved overall functional adjacencies through the use of facility programming.

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