Whether you refer to it as EPC (engineer-procure-construct) or design-build or integrated project delivery, CRB’s ONEsolution™ integrates our in-house planning, design and construction into a structured, measurable, and efficient approach to achieve your project objectives. As a single, accountable and collaborative entity, CRB’s multi-disciplinary teams partner with you to execute architecture, engineering, procurement, construction, safety, quality, regulatory inspection, commissioning, and management of your project. From concept to completion, our integrated, multi-disciplinary process allows for innovation and efficiency in achieving success for your project.

Benefits of ONEsolution

Single Team, Common Goals

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CRB’s ONEsolution™ provides you with a single source of responsibility, communication and streamlined coordination. From start to finish, CRB’s planning, design and construction professionals are aligned with your vision and driven to collectively pursue and achieve your goals for success.

Early Reliable Cost, Reduced Risk

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Today’s traditional Architect/Engineering/Construction Management delivery model can be a challenge to manage because it often ends with unpredictable results . . . and financial risk. Rather than budgeting to your design, CRB’s design and construction team gains a deep understanding of your facility requirements, and then designs to your budget and needs. Your risk is minimized with an early cost projection and predictable results.

Schedule Optimization

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The early collaboration of CRB’s planning, design and construction team allows for complete awareness of project goals and utilization of expertise across all disciplines. Resources are maximized, schedules are optimized, and redundancies are eliminated, allowing your project to move forward with streamlined consistency. Compared to industry averages, our RFI and shop drawing turnaround time is 15% faster, and the total cost of rework is significantly less. Many projects have reduced project delivery time by more than one-third compared to industry norms.

Value from Concept to Completion

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Through our commitment to LEAN design and construction principles, CRB eliminates waste and identifies innovative, cost-effective solutions to maximize the value of your project. CRB deploys the latest virtual design and construction technology in order to optimize efficiencies throughout your project’s life-cycle.

Single Source Accountability

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ONEsolution™ provides seamless collaboration between you and CRB’s design, construction and C & Q professionals. By removing the traditional trade boundaries and layers of responsibility, sound judgments can be made that transform your vision into reality. There are no “hand-offs,” priorities lost in translation or finger pointing, removing inefficiencies and the stress of your decision making.

Development & Adherence to Project Quality Plan

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From the start of your project, CRB’s integrated team collaboratively works to meet performance needs, not just minimum requirements, providing innovative solutions that can often deliver a better facility than initially imagined. Our design and construction professionals work hand in hand to develop the design while projecting costs through the conceptual, design development and construction phases. 

Safety Management

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ONEsolution™ enables an increased knowledge of your project’s workflow across CRB’s design and construction team. Our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Program adopts a “zero accidents” policy toward safety management, and requires CRB to operate in a manner protective of our employees, partners and the environment. You can be confident in relying upon a single source that possesses one of the leading safety records in the industry.