Operations Center

BANK OF AMERICA Location: Kansas City, Missouri Square Footage: 166,000 Construction Cost: $16,000,000

Project Description:

CRB was selected to provide mechanical and electrical design for the renovation of an existing manufacturing facility into Bank of America's operations center. The operations center houses over 1,300 employees when operating at full capacity.

The project included the design of the central chilled water system to serve the facility. Air handling units, chillers and cooling towers were all designed for redundant operation, so that if one unit goes down, the others will satisfy the HVAC load requirements. Computer room type environments were served with packaged heating and chilled water cooling units with built-in humidifiers, electric reheat and digital readout control panels.

Fire protection was accomplished by modifying the existing wet pipe sprinkler systems to accommodate the new floor plan layouts and to meet the spacing and coverage requirements per NFPA-13. Some specific areas in the building had a dry pipe double interlock preaction fire suppression system.

UPS power was designed in a parallel redundant UPS module configuration. Emergency power was provided by three 1,000-kVA generators connected in a parallel redundant fashion to provide emergency power. Lighting was accomplished with T8 lamps with electronic ballasts. Programmable panelboards allow lights to be controlled by time function and they are tied into the energy management system.

Special systems work included an addressable fire alarm system, a card access system and a Category 5 data system with fiber backbone. This system is backed up by UPS power.
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