Optimized Cost Allocation

BIM modeling allows for accurate quantity data to be extracted from the model and tracked/trended in relative ease.
Model-Based Quantity Take Off and TrendingModel-Based Quantity Take Off and Trending uses the estimating ability in the model so any change in the design is reflected in the budget quickly. Model-Based Quantity Take Off and Trending enables architects, engineers, and contractors to estimate in real time, which ensures that cost calculations can be changed whenever any modification is made in the design of the project. This provides higher accuracy in the estimating process and allows for design options to be quickly analyzed for cost implications to the project. Quantity takeoffs from a BIM model enable project teams to quickly generate cost estimates to assist in decision-making and provide cost information about alternatives to owners early in the design phase and throughout the project lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized and intelligent cost allocations can be derived from the model.
  • Compare cost plans to the original project budget at any point in time.
  • Stakeholders can easily see what has changed and decide when and to adjust scope as necessary.
  • Understand and focus on design decisions that have the largest impact on the project cost.
  • Evaluate the cost impact of proposed design enhancements and what-if scenarios.

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