Our Toolset

Our toolset to reduce your costs and improve your agility.

Cost-of-Goods Analysis

  • Quantify each cost contributor to highlight and prioritize the largest opportunities first.


Human Capital Optimization

  • Improve utilization of your workforce.


Process Simulation

  • Optimize shared resources – equipment, utilities, and labor.


Discrete Event Simulation

  • Account for the inherent variability in your process and compare current state with projected changes. Animation helps to sell management on the proposed changes.


Layout Optimization

  • Right size your facilities.


Energy Modeling

  • Analyze energy usage, reduce costs and carbon footprint.


Warehouse Designing

  • Maximize storage space, productivity, throughput and labor / pick efficiency, while reducing inventory and operating costs.



  • Empower your people to maintain the improvements and continue to find new ways to streamline your operations and reduce costs.


Supply Chain Management and Cold Chain Modeling

  • Ensure product safety, reduced lead times / inventories, and timely delivery.


Business Process Modeling and Statistical Analysis & Modeling

  • Understand your system behavior.


Lean / Six Sigma Techniques

  • Eliminate waste and variability in your processes – improve flows, reduce cycle times, defects, inventory, etc.


Data Modeling and Analytics

  • Identify trends, patterns and hidden features in your data


Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

  • Understand how you fare compared to your competition and best-in-class companies

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