Mushroom Fermentation Production Plant and Headquarters ONEsolution

Mushroom Fermentation Production Plant and Headquarters ONEsolution

MycoTechnology, Inc., a food technology company founded in 2013, solves the biggest challenges facing the food and beverage industry with mushroom fermentation. Its first product, ClearTaste® is the world’s first certified organic bitter blocker, which helps companies reduce sugar and salt content thereby creating healthier products without sacrificing flavor. After the commercialization of ClearTaste®, MycoTechnology took on the challenges faced by the plant-based protein industry with its shiitake mushroom fermented protein, PureTaste®.

CRB was selected as a ONEsolutionTM project partner and designed and built MycoTechnology’s headquarters and fermentation process plant in an 80,000-square-foot building. The facility is capable of producing 4,000 metric tons of protein per year.

In addition to production space, the facility includes research and development and quality control labs. A customer experience area was created for MycoTechnology’s clients to test their products in foods and beverages. The facility also provides office, conference and tasting space for more than 75 managerial and technical staff members, as well as a changing and break-room space for more than 45 production team members.


MycoTechnology was named winner of Food Engineering magazine’s 2020 Sustainable Plant of the Year. The company is being honored for not only operating in a sustainable way, including using reclaimed water for process purposes, but also using a sustainable ingredient.

MycoTechnology’s new fermentation plant and headquarters also won an Engineering News-Record Regional Best Projects award for manufacturing.

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Mycotechnology, Inc.


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