Office Buildings Shell & Core MEP Design

Abbott Vascular Location: Temecula, California Square Footage: 140,000 Construction Cost: $55,000,000

Project Description:

CRB was selected to provide professional engineering design services for Abbott Vascular's Temecula East Campus Project. The new campus is comprised of two complementary five-story buildings joined by a lobby building within a 27-acre campus located in Temecula, California.

The two main buildings house offices, corporate data centers, laboratories, cafeteria, fitness center and various support functions. The adjoining lobby provides circulation between the two buildings and hosts the main security desk as well as the central training facility. The main utilities for the campus are located in a remote central plant.

The main buildings are designed to exceed California Title 24 energy conservation requirements. The local utility company provided incentives to the client for exceeding these requirements. The design consists of variable air volume systems with air handling units located on the roof of each building. The units are interconnected via ductwork on each floor. As the heat gain for the building shifts from east to west during the day, the units automatically compensate by sharing load responsibilities.

The central plant generates both chilled water and heating hot water for conditioning the buildings. The water systems are distributed to the buildings via direct buried, insulated piping. The chilled water system consists of two 2,000-ton chillers with variable speed drives and variable primary-only pumps. In lieu of a traditional primary-secondary pumping system, CRB saved both first costs and operating costs by eliminating the secondary pumps. The cooling tower water system is also an all-variable system with variable speed fans and pumps. The entire system is optimized to find the most efficient operating point of the system rather than the most efficient operating point of the equipment.

The power distribution system is fed from Abbott's existing campus located across a six-lane street. The power company has a 110kV substation adjacent to this property. Power was routed through the existing campus via an underground ductbank and across a new overhead pedestrian bridge to avoid streets closures. The power reaches the new campus at 12.5kV and is transformed to 480/277V and 120/208V systems. The power distribution is designed to feed each building from two directions within the campus. A provision in the design allows the client to add a second utility company connection for full redundancy at a future date.


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