Singapore Biologics Plant

Abbott Location: Singapore
CRB partnered with Foster Wheeler to provide a study for a new Greenfield campus for cell culture production covering the areas of latest process design for multi-product plants, disposable usage, and skids usage. This campus conceptual design was placed on sites in both Singapore and in Ireland with a pro/con comparison which included costs of goods (COGs) and a regulatory evaluation.
The production capacity is very large scale (stainless steel based), and stacked vertically on five floors with optimal use of gravity flow for the process. The campus is a 'spine' concept with connecting production, warehouse, central utility plant, quality & administration buildings with future zoned areas for production expansion.

The team carried out layout concepts for grey/white space as well as support for process equipment/skid costs from USA vendors/suppliers. Deliverables were presented including a summary of existing facility concepts, a summary for the new production operating "envelope," disposables philosophy, and identification of potential for skid usage. CRB also developed conceptual arrangements for production areas incorporating skids and best usage of grey/white space as well as provided US pricing for process items and skids on equipment list.
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