Strategic Facility Planning

Do your facility strategies align with your business plan? Do you require big picture results backed by detailed information and data?

Whether you are planning for the short term or embarking upon long term planning, having quality information allows you to understand the relationship between your business requirements and your facility requirements. The result is smarter, more cost effective, facility decisions.

CRB's Strategic Facility Planning (SFP) team can provide current and relevant space planning and utilization data and strategies that allow you to manage your facility assets and align facility strategies with your business planning requirements.

CRB's SFP team is on the forefront of innovation in data consolidation, management and reporting. Our SFP team can help you streamline your data collection and analysis while leveraging your existing building data bases (BIM, Revit, CAFM) as appropriate. CRB's SFP team will explore and identify the most cost effective solutions to managing your facility and business data.

Core SFP Services

  • Facility Asset Inventory and Space Utilization
  • Capacity Planning and Analysis
  • Metrics and Benchmarking
  • Gap Analysis

Strategic Planning / Scenario Planning

  • Facility Growth Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Strategic Scenario Planning
  • Real Estate Planning
  • Relocation and Migration Planning
  • Tactical Space Planning and Optimization
  • Facility Programming / Room Data Sheets
  • Conceptual Design


  • Process Improvements Planning
  • Workflow Planning
  • Space Utilization Planning

Facility Management Services

  • Occupancy Management
  • Facility Asset (furniture, equipment) Management
  • Facility Maintenance Planning and Management


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