Strategic Laboratory Planning

BioMarin Location: Novato, California Square Footage: 107,200
CRB provided a comprehensive evaluation of lab utilization for all research, process development, formulation and quality labs. A laboratory space forecasting tool was developed for BioMarin to capture metrics, headcount capacity and business drivers, and forecast space needs for the next 10 years.
The strategic laboratory planning effort included:
  • Facility space inventory
  • Space utilization / capacity study
  • Lab metric development
  • 10 year space forecasts
  • Demand and gap analyses
  • Planning tool development for documenting space inventory, metrics and space forecasts.

CRB work closely with senior planners and lab managers to understand how each lab group defines their functional capacity (people, project, samples, etc.) and how they each expect to grow. Surveys and one-on-one meetings were conducted.

Space utilization metrics were built using a linear feet (LF) methodology. LF in the lab were grouped by the ways in which the benches, or LF equivalent were utilized (prep, equipment, etc.). A LF/person metric that converted to SF/person was ultimately developed and leveraged against headcount projections to determine future space requirements. Metrics were also used to determine total headcount capacity in the laboratories.

CAFM Integration
CRB worked closely with BioMarin space planners to integrate the metrics developed in this study, as well as the determined headcount capacity, into their internal CAFM (computer aided facility management) system. This allows BioMarin to manage space and capacity information in a real-time environment.

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