Sustainability is not just our mission—it's part of who we are.

The "triple bottom line" benefits of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic progress are motivating more and more high-tech companies to apply sustainable principles to the design, construction, and operations of their facilities. Regardless of the drivers, this trend is a win for everyone. We know, because sustainability has been part of everything we do—and who we are as a company—since CRB began in 1984. Our bottom line is that we're here to help you translate corporate responsibility into meaningful action and success for your operation.
It's our responsibilityWith our relentless passion for doing the right thing and our deep technical expertise comes great responsibility to increase sustainability within the energy-intensive high-tech industries we serve. Around the world, CRB is collaborating with our clients, regulators, and peers to find innovative new approaches, like FutureFacility™, to make safe, quality products with a lighter environmental impact.
It's ingrained in our cultureTo deliver on our promise to advance our industry and help our clients make the world a better place, we empower our workforce with the training to become sustainability experts and, in many cases, receive sustainability accreditation. Our Sustainable Design Expert Team leads the training and instruction for sustainability initiatives, best practices, energy modeling, and Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED®) education.
It's integrated into our processFrom the beginning, we've passionately believed that a good facility design is a sustainable design. That's why sustainable practices are an integral part of our process, and equally weighted among all other program elements in the design and construction of a facility. Our approach for 30 years has been to collaborate with clients like you to identify an innovative, yet cost-effective sustainable plan to fit your unique functional, spatial, technical, and aesthetic needs. Whatever high-tech market you're in, our team of experts will relentlessly pursue the right solution to support your success, now and in the future.
It's evident in our affiliations and standardsCRB is a member of USGBC and is a proponent of the principals laid out by the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), formerly Labs 21. We also have significant experience designing facilities in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 standard and California Title 24 codes. We're proficient in designing to LEED® requirements (of all levels) for site and building design, as well as process, process utility, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

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