Taiwan Expansion

IMPAX Laboratories, Inc. Location: Jhunan, Taiwan Square Footage: 180,000 Construction Cost: $25,000,000

CRB and M+W Group were commissioned by IMPAX to design an expansion to their OSD manufacturing facility in Taiwan. The first phase of the project was to develop a Basis of Design (BOD) for the Phase 2 expansion. The goals of the 12-week BOD effort were to identify the required production and support space requirements, define the process through development of a URS, BFD's,  

PFD's and material balance, define process and utilities equipment, lay out the facility, provide a conceptual site plan, define the support utilities and generate a report and drawings containing enough information to provide a cost estimate. In addition, a validation master plan was generated during this phase. All disciplines are included in the BOD effort including cost estimation.

After the BOD phase, and based on the client's experience with local design firms during the original building project, Impax requested that. CRB developed 50% drawings for architectural, mechanical and electrical disciplines and worked with Impax to provide complete process design documents. M+W Group completed the architectural and MEP design in Taiwan and CRB reviewed the drawings for compliance.

Production areas of the facility were designed to meet local regulatory requirements along with FDA and EMA facility design requirements. The new facility allows IMPAX to manufacture their new drug to meet current projected demands, as well as allow for future increased production needs.

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