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PEOPLE INSPIRING ARCHITECTURECRB is a passionate group of experts dedicated to providing creative design solutions for Science & Technology facilities that achieve the needs of our higher education, corporate and government clients. We are committed to providing dynamic, flexible and reliable environments that deliver success in support of your institutional goals.

Our Science & Technology teams of planners, programmers, architects and engineers take an adaptive, tailored approach to each project. This full range of expertise enables CRB to relentlessly pursue and deliver a level of performance for your specific building that will have a significant impact on your industry, business, community, occupants and patients. The focus of CRB's practice is always on designing facilities that reach beyond bricks and mortar to produce measurable outcomes in answer to your strategic mission.

Our planning and design philosophy is fundamentally linked to the bright, the bold, the smart and the dramatic. We're not talking just about the buildings – we're talking about the people inside them.
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